Saturday, April 27, 2019

You light me up

Hi everyone and welcome to Pear Blossom Press's Power Pack Mega Hop. 

The Power Pack is an amazing little creation.  It uses the basic science experiment we all done as kids at school.  As long as you have the basic electronic circuit you have a lit light!

I love this little pack.  Besides giving us light in our project, it comes in a cute little pack like this.  And it is reasonably priced to boot!

This is all you need for one project ( unless you want two lights then you will need double. 

to watch a video on this go here to Pear Blossom's blog.  It is so easy to follow and on top of that it is so quick to do.  And that is a bonus, quick and easy project that has a WOW factor!

This photo shows you the circuit I completed.  I placed the images I wanted on the bookmark and placed the battery pack and light under these images.  I removed images and traced around the pack and light so I knew the position of them.  Then I cut around them with a craft knife.  This way the whole circuit can be in the middle of my sandwich (front and back panels of the bookmark). 

And this photo shows you when you press on the spot the light works.  Always test this before putting your project together.  That way you know it works.  And adjust if you need to. 

My youngest has been bugging me to make her another bookmark.  So this is what I came up with. 
Then when we dim the lights and press on the chair......

It works!  She was so excited to get this.  I showed the son and now he wants one too!  LOL.  A clever little invention. 

OK. There will be a few blogs here you can visit to see how to use this product.  Grab yourself a cuppa first so you can take your time and enjoy. 

Pear Blossom Press 
Koren Wiskman
Lynda Kanase
Jessica Shier
Lynnea Hollendonner

Mary Polanco
Rachel Winn
Marcia Caradinta
Katrina Bertelsen
Daisie Hanson

Kim Brown-Blyleven
Niccole Kulig
Annalisa Gibson
Marie Heiderscheit
Beth Duff

Jessica Francisco
Samantha Klaebe
Jessica McAfee
Lesley Oman
And me!

Seriously check out the video I linked above.  This product will change the way you look at making some of your projects.

The Power Packs will be available three ways:
  • Power Pack Kit (set of 3 power packs, batteries, copper tape, and 3 LED stickers) retail $15.99 USD
  • Power Pack (3 units) (3 power packs with batteries only - perfect for people who already have Chibi kits but don't want to make paper switches and battery holders) retail $9.99 USD
  • Power Pack (single unit) (1 power pack with a battery) retail 4.99 USD
Pear Blossom Press will be offering free shipping on orders over $9 to customers in the US, or $5 off International shipping from April 27th through May 11th, 2019.  They will also be giving away Power Pack Kits to 10 randomly selected winners that comment on each blog post by 11:59pm PST on May 4th, 2019. 


  1. That's adorable, I love that you can switch the light on

  2. I can see why your daughter was thrilled. This bookmark is AMAZING. I want one, too. Thanks for sharing. Kathy at

  3. Oh my gosh, that is just perfect. LOVE it!

  4. Love everything about this project. Tania, you have done a beautiful job of this project. I want all of those items.

  5. Oh my this one just touches my heart. I love it! I need all of the above!!

  6. Your card is amazing!So awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I can see now why you are getting so many messages.. this is such a fun use and I think it will inspire the kids to read more!

  8. Wow! Such a cool idea! I bet you will be needing to fill all of her friends requests and be refilling the battery! Simply adorable!

  9. Wow! Such a sweet creation! Great inspiration! Being a book lover, I'm literally moved. 😍🤞

  10. Oh my!!! I'm totally in love for your adorable and funny card!!! Love it!!!

  11. Cute reading scene and the light up lamp is perfect.

  12. Wow, this is amazing, love the bookmark, this is so cool that one would love to read.

  13. This card is absolutely adorable, love it.

  14. Tania, this bookmark is absolutely fantastic!!!


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