Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fall Floral Coffee Time

Welcome back to another craft filled week (here is hoping!).  

Today I am bringing you a technique you can use with your digital stamps.  No line colouring.  Now before I start let me printer did not co-operating because for some reason it won't work how I want it to work when it is low on  

The image I printed out is from MKC Digitals.  

Now when I printed it out I thought it would be a light grey (like it showed in my WORD document).  When low on ink the printer seems to do what it wants...and mine had a red tinge to it.  So I did in places go over these lines lightly with a black pencil.  Only on a couple of lines.  

Anyway I shall step by step show you how I coloured said image.  

Now this first picture shows how to colour the petals.  To the left of the image is how I coloured each petal.  First the darkest colour Y26 then the middle colour Y19 and then the lightest colour Y08.  I did go over the outline of each petal in Y19 just to add a darker edge to them.  

This one shows the center of each flower.  I coloured the whole circle with E44 then from the bottom I flicked E49 then E47 then back to E44.  This gives some depth to the flower.  

I used two different lots of green combo's for this one, because we have 2 different leaves.  Using the same method from the flower center,  colouring the whole leaf in the lightest colour and  then darkest colour from the center this time, and work my way to the lightest colour on the outer edges.  

Now this is the star of the show.  The cup.  I love to colour this shape in.  Get it right and it looks fab.  Get it wrong and it can still look  The key is to only use short flicks with the darkest colour on the outer edges, and longer ones for the lightest colour in the middle.  

When I finished colouring the lid you can well and truly notice the red outline ( you have no idea how much my OCD was going off by now!)  You can get away with the red with the flowers, leaves and cup but the lid needed that gone.  So I used a black pencil just to go over the line.  Defeated the whole no line colouring thing but it was better than the red line.  Note to self.....get more ink for printer!  Hehe.

And here is the final card.  I am not one to just layer a picture with heaps of rectangles but I think the image needed the rest of the card to be simple so it stood out.  What do you think?  

Anyway that is me done for another day.  I hoped the step by step helped you with the colouring stages.  

Until next time...happy crafting.  


  1. Wonderful! Enjoyed the tutorial and will definitely give this a go!

  2. Fantastic tutorial Tania, I haven't tackled no-line colouring yet, you make it look so easy. Have a great day. Hugs Gail xx

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