Sunday, March 8, 2020

Arty This Is The Way

Hehe, I am back again!!!

Yes.  I could not help myself once again.  This time I am sharing with you something that amazed even me.  Never in a million years would I have thought I could do this.  

I had this card in my head.  One of those ideas you get and you have to make it to get rid of it.
Now, as there are no stamps out there of giant legs walking I had  to figure something out.  So I did google the human character that goes with our lovable alien.  And I needed the foot ,closest to the baby, to be grounded.  I could only find one that was the left foot grounded.  So I saved the picture, and flipped the image. 

Here is the image I saved for inspiration.

I hand drew the boots onto my card front. Then proceeded to match up as best I could with my Copics without making the picture too dark.  Here is the result.

I was tempted to draw black lines on the boots etc to match our friend but chose not to.  I honestly didn't want to mess with the end result.  Maybe I should have use the Ink On 3 ink that disappears to leave a no line baby.  As this is not a card for my stall, I chose to leave it.  I honestly don't want to stuff it up.  I have decided I will put it in a frame so I can look at it.  I don't make any cards for me. 

Now I wish I could share the copic colours I used, but seriously, I lost which colours went where as I was concentrating too hard to write any down.  As I was working I was so engrossed in the process that my left hand held a bunch of pens.  As I finished with one colour I added to my hand, not wanting to lose that colour amongst the mess on my desk.  I put down about 4 handfuls before the end.  
I will say I used some blue and some green in those boots.  Who would have thunk it?  Not me.  A lot of E's, W's, and some T's and C's. And the odd prismacolor pencil to add the finest of definitions that a copic marker cannot give.

After all the stressing and nearly tossing it half way through the first leg, I have to say I enjoyed myself.  The challenge was definitely there. I think I will try doing something like this again one day. When colouring a section at a time, I had to stop feeling like this was a mess.  Looking too closely at each section as you colour it can do your head in.  You have to step back and take in the whole picture.  

 Not sure when but I will. I will also open the Ink On 3 pad that disappears to leave no lines.  I think it will be a very interesting experiment.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this project.  


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