Friday, May 4, 2018

Revenge of the Fifth

I am back!  Been crafting a lot behind the scenes.  I have been playing with my Galactic Adventure sets from Kindred Stamps.  And as it turns out, it is great timing with May the 4th be with you (yesterday for us Aussies).  Today, being the fifth of May, it is Revenge of the Fifth.  LOL.  They are very clever to come up with these things.  So, while colouring this trio of stamp sets I thought I would share my colouring of one of them.   So here is the image (already coloured) and the colours I am using. 

Here is the image and first colour used. 

Adding some shadows in with my darkest colour. 

Bit by bit, add in the colours shown in the pictures.  

Add in the lighter colour for highlights
Now add in some more shadowed areas

Smooth out some of the shading. 

Add a little more depth with a mid range colour (C5)
And voila.  You have your very own Galactic character.  Not quite 50 shades of Grey but plenty enough.  lol 
I hope you liked this little turorial.  I have to say I love my Copics. 
Thanks for looking. 


  1. Great tutorial, are very talented!

  2. Perfectly executed! I need a C9! LOL I only have up to C7. And black is so difficult and scary to people, this should be a tremendous help!! xo

    1. Thanks Marcia. May pick your brain soon on some of your fantastic colouring. :-)

  3. That is a very helpful tutorial! I NEED a step-by-step!

    1. Thanks Maria. Colouring is trial and error. You will get there. Lord knows I still have troubling combo's lol.


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